Application Overview

Application Components. The application is brief. See Detailed Instructions. Note: We do not require preliminary data because we wish to encourage investigators to take a chance―to bring their expertise from another area to asthma and/or to propose an idea that is risky but could have a high return.

Annual Deadline. Applications are accepted annually, in February, with funding to commence on July 1. The next deadline is February 4, 2015. Applications must be uploaded on the AAF Research Program website no later than 5:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time on the deadline date. Applications are not accepted by email, by fax, or as hard copy.

Review Criteria. All applications are reviewed by members of the Scientific Review Board. The major criteria used to evaluate applications are:
  • Innovation: cutting-edge research, new-to-the-field thinking
  • Relevance to asthma: potential for new insights into causes and treatments
  • Research proposal: importance and clarity
  • Investigator: productivity and ingenuity

Notification. Applicants will be notified by email of the outcome of the review process by May 22, 2015. Notification will be sent to the Applicant's email address provided on the Application Cover Sheet. The AAF does not provide critiques of unfunded proposals.

Start Date. 2015 AAF Scholar Awards will be activated July 1, 2015.

Updated 9/18/2014.